What’s In a Name? Well, nothing really. So, not bothering to formally introduce myself (you can call me K), let’s talk about why you’re here and what you seek. After all, this one is all about you.

You are here because you breathe books, you live a life that’s carved with words and defined by plots and storytelling, and you crave good food. Your books are your alternate universe, and food is the reason you survive in this one. Correct? I can relate. But people, what’s reading, and eating, without sharing?

Thus, as a true bibliophile and hardcore foodie, I bring to you my escapades that involve nooks and corners from around the city where I read, gorge, live, and repeat! From mainstream cafes to hidden corners, I’ll take you places I go, share details of what I read and eat.

Like the idea? Join the party! Tag @bibliophilefoodie in your reading+food escapades on Instagram and let the world know.